Notes Window

The Notes window shows the notes associated with each abstract displayed in the Abstracts window. Notes are contained in a separate file from the abstracts file. See the file formats page for details about this file.

Reading notes files

To read a notes file, click the 'Read Notes...' button. Navigate through the Mac file system using the Open dialog, and choose a file to read. The file will be read and parsed, and all notes stored in memory. Each note will be matched up with an existing abstract of the same PMID number. You must already have read an abstracts file in order to read a notes file. WARNING: Each time you read an abstracts file, the current set of notes are erased.

Entering and editing notes

Enter or edit a note for the currently displayed abstract by typing in the main text field of the window. You can also paste notes into the field using the Edit menu. Notes are only saved to a file when you click the 'Write Notes...' button.

Navigating through abstracts

Click the 'Previous Abstract' or 'Next Abstract' buttons to move through all the abstracts in the file, one at a time. These buttons duplicate the navigation buttons contained in the Abstracts window.

Selecting the font

To change the font of the notes text field, click the mouse in the field and choose 'Select All' from the Edit menu. You can then access the Font menu and change the font with 'Show Fonts' or any of the other menu items. Only if you selected the entire notes field will changes to the font persist to notes in other abstracts.

Writing notes files

To write the current set of notes to a file, click the 'Write Notes...' button. Navigate through the Mac file system using the Save dialog, and enter the name of a file to write. All notes for the current set of abstracts will be written to the file.

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