1. General Information

1.1 Introduction

Welcome to MacWavelets v2.00! This program is a simple toolkit for performing discrete wavelet transform analysis of 1d and 2d datasets. With this program you can:

All program operations are available from the standard Macintosh user interface, including windows, menus, and dialogs. No programming or scripting is required.

1.2 Copyright Notice

The MacWavelets v2.00 software and User's Manual are copyrighted by Intergalactic Reality, 1996. All rights are reserved. The MacWavelets v2.00 software and User's Manual may be downloaded and used as-is by individuals for non-profit, non-commercial, evaluation purposes only. Users may elect to purchase a single-user license for this software (see section 1.5 "Security and Licensing" below), in which case they may use the software for any legal commercial or non-commercial purpose which does not violate this copyright or trademark. The MacWavelets v2.00 software and User's Manual may not be copied or distributed without the prior permission of Intergalactic Reality. The MacWavelets v2.00 software and User's Manual are provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind. Intergalactic Reality assumes no liability for use or misuse of this software or manual.

1.3 System Requirements

This software should run on any Macintosh which is running System 7 or later. This software is written using MC68000 instructions and does not make direct FPU calls. Although color is not required, it is recommended (you won't be able to see SDP's or images without color or gray scale, however). The program should work fine with 256 colors, but more are better. The program requires less than 500K on disk, and comes with its memory partition set to 8Mb. This (or much less) should be sufficient to analyze modest datasets. Larger datasets will, of course, require more memory, as will the use of more 2d image windows. Look at the "About this Macintosh..." item under the Apple menu of the Finder to see how much memory the program is using while it is running. If you are not using large datasets or many 2d images, you may find that 4Mb or 2Mb are sufficient memory to perform most analyses.

1.4 Software Installation

To install the software, simply drag the program icon to your hard disk. No special installation or setup is required. To install the User's Manual, simply drag the manual folder to your hard disk. The manual is in HTML format, which can be viewed with Netscape 1.1 (e.g.) or later.

1.5 Security and Licensing

This software is distributed in a complete, but unlicensed, form. This means that you can use the software as-is for non-profit, non-commercial, individual evaluation purposes only. In addition, several features of the software have been locked (disabled), including: When you launch the software, you will see a screen containing a randomly chosen security keyword and a password prompt:

To permanently unlock the disabled features listed above, you must enter the correct password for the keyword displayed. You may also ignore this password and continue to use the software in its locked form. All features other than those listed above will be available.

To receive the correct password for your keyword, you must purchase a single-user license for the software, at a price of $25 (US) for version 2.00. This license entitles you to use the full features of the software for individual commercial or non-commercial purposes which do not violate the copyright or trademerk of the software.

To receive a password and single-user license, send $25 (US cash, check, or money order) to:

   Intergalactic Reality
   22724 Majestic Oak Way
   Cupertino CA 95014 USA
Please be sure to include your name, your return mailing address or email address, and the keyword exactly as it appears in your copy of the software. If you pay by check, please allow time for your check to clear.

Free MacWavelets Version 2.10

In addition to the full use of the current software, the purchase of a v2.00 license will also entitle you to a free single-user license/password to version 2.10 of the software, expected to be released in the summer of 1996. Otherwise, the first-time purchase of a v2.10 license is expected to cost more than $25. This offer will expire when the v2.10 software is released.

1.6 Reporting Bugs and Making Comments

Please report any bugs you discover with the software, especially crashes and incompatibilities with other software or INITs. Please send all bug reports to the following email address:

Please also send us your comments about this program: what you liked, what you didn't like, what you'd like to see in the next version, etc... Without your feedback we cannot improve the quality or functionality of the program. Version 2.10 of the software is the next major scheduled release, and will include many bug-fixes and additional minor features. It should be available for sale in the summer of 1996.

There is also a mailing list devoted to Intergalactic Reality software products. To subscribe to this list, send an email message with the body "subsingle" (and no sig lines, etc...) to the following address:

1.7 Technical Support

All technical support for this product is provided via email, free of charge to registered license owners, but at the discretion of Intergalactic Reality. We will make an effort to answer all reasonable questions. Please send all technical questions to:

You may also call us at:

If you call and do not reach a human, please leave a message containing your registered name, your question, and your return email address.

Please note that in the case of specific wavelet questions, rather than MacWavelets software questions, we will most likely refer you to one of many excellent additional sources of information.

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