Microcontroller Circuit Board & Complete Robot Electronics

This page shows the construction of a custom circuit board for the AVR microcontroller and radio electronics shown previously, and the operation of all completed robot electronics together. Here is a photo of the microcontroller on the breadboard:

Here is the proposed layout of the new circuit board:

Here is the completed circuit board with the ATMega16 chip installed:

Actually, this design is larger and more complicated than it needs to be, in that:

Here is a photo of everything hooked up and running on batteries:

The components include:

Here is a very small (24 Mb!) movie of everything running (1:15). Click to download and play (this may take a while).

The movie shows:

  1. The AVR running the default program, which just blinks the left LEDs on the right board. The top LED shows that there is 5V power.

  2. After about 18 sec, the right LED comes on, indicating that the radio has received a connection from the Mac.

  3. Then the top motor starts at 1/2 speed. Then the bottom motor starts at 1/2 speed. Then the top motor goes to full speed. Then the top motor stops, and goes at 1/2 speed in reverse, and then full speed. Then the bottom motor stops, and goes into reverse at full speed.

The next step is to build a housing for the circuit boards, and a chassis, wheels, and drivetrain for the robot. Although this system is designed to run a 2 motor differential drive rover, it can be the basis of any generic radio controlled 2 motor (or other PWM actuated device), 2 sensor robotic system.

İSky Coyote 2007