Venus Cloud-Tracking Project

This site represents work in progress toward the detection, visualization, and analysis of cloud motion on Venus. This includes image processing, image registration, and vector field generation from sequences of ground-based telescope images acquired at different times. Most images were acquired from the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea, Hawai'i during 2004 and 2007, over timespans ranging from several weeks to several months. The results of this work, and descriptions of the methods and software used, are distributed over several websites, all of which are interlinked (see below). All software and websites are by Sky Coyote.

NOTE: FITSFlow, FITSRegister, and FITSMap now have their own dedicated websites, which are fairly extensive. Most current work centers around these two programs.

Currently new work on this project is being done in Python. See the Python blog for details. Also see the AstroPy website.

Summaries of previous work

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Other stuff

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