Calculus applets in Java

The following are 4 images taken from a Java website I developed to go along with Howard Anton's Calculus textbook, which was published by John Wiley & Sons. Because of my contract with Wiley, I cannot post working Java code to the site here, but only images of the completed applets. You must go to Wiley's site (I do not know the address) to use the running applets.

One key feature of these applets was the development of an infix equation parser and evalutor entirely in Java. All provide double-buffered animation of the ongoing results. Although there is only one set of code for these applets, they had to be co-developed and checked for the Mac, Windows, and Linux, under Netscape and MS Internet Explorer. The Mac versions under Netscape 4 are shown below.

This applet integrates the equation typed into the box between two limits using several different methods.

This applet finds a zero of the equation typed into the box using Newton's iterated method.

This applet finds a zero of the equation typed into the box using successive approximation and subdivision of an interval.

This applet fits the data pasted into the box to the four equations shown at the right. Values of each of the parameters shown in the equations are calculated and displayed.

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