MSpace - Mental-space something-or-other in C
23 Mar 2019

MSpace is a simple program in C for use with Gtk/Linux and Cocoa/Mac:

The goal of this program is to find (minimal) sets of 2d-4d coordinates and basis vectors for generic elements that meet the combined constraints.

To do:
  1. Geometry object: holds graph of elements with coordinates for calculation and display.
  2. Realm object: holds {env, robots, minds}, e.g.
  3. Windows: top-level "realm": {env, robots, minds}, robot, mind. Window displays geometry object.
  4. Mind, robot, env contents.
  5. Subtype thinking: lexical and non-lexical
  6. Add cinema post-processing obj.
  7. State object: .
  8. Variability object: .
  9. Element containment/inclusion.
  10. Overlaps (display) and inner products (calc).
  11. Location, size, color.
  12. Orthonormal spanning vectors.

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