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Polarized diffraction of four point sources: horizontal and vertical orientations

Here are the x-y intensity and phase patterns for 4 polarized sources located at the corners of a square. The two sources on the left of center are polarized horizontally, while the two sources on the right are polarized vertically:

In this case, we see intensity interference between the two horizontal sources, and between the two vertical sources, but not between horizontal and vertical sources. Here is the z-y intensity and phase:

The x-z intensity and phase:

Polarization in the x-y plane:

In this case, we see polarization interference between the pairs of horizontal and vertical sources. Here is the polarization in the z-y plane:

Polarization in the x-z plane:

Again, we see examples of all kinds of 1-bit polarization states (green, red, linear, with every orientation) in this field at different (x, y, z) locations.

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