SCT/PDS Image Processing

This page demonstrates using the Scientist's Component Toolkit (SCT) for processing of NASA Planetary Data System (PDS) images taken from a set of CD-ROMs. PDS images are compressed in a proprietary format, so that they must be decompressed before they can be viewed or used in analysis. This example is a proof-of-concept extension of the Client-Side CGI project which has recently concluded.

For this example, I have created a PDS image reading component which can access a file on disk or CD, decompress it, convert it into a floating point array which is compatible with other SCT components, and send it to other components which are part of an analysis system. The image used in this example is from the Voyager Saturn volume 5 CD.:

(Click for larger image)

Using other components in the SCT system, a decompressed PDS image can be processed in order to change the brightness or contrast, or to stretch or compress the range of pixel values. Sliders can be used to interactively vary the parameters of the image processing system in real-time:

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False colors can also be applied to the image array values in order to obtain more visual detail, hilight specific features, etc...:

Individual pixel values can be displayed and edited in numeric, as well as visual, format, and passed on to other components the same as any other 1 or 2d array:

This example shows only a very limited part of what is possible using the SCT system to perform image analysis. Additional work on this topic may include components for:

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